Janus Cascade (yankibayonet) wrote in wadressing,
Janus Cascade

Gentlemen, BEHOLD - Janus Cascade.

This place ain't seen people in a year, almost?

[He snorts and tosses his head, flipping his bangs out of his face; it's a downright horselike movement.]

Well now... can't very well start a party in a place like this...

[He looks disappointed, at that.

Should one approach closely enough - he smells like cheap whiskey (a bottle of which dangles from his right hand) and expensive tobacco (a cigarette apparently made of such dangles from his lips). Approach with caution, particularly if you've got any body parts worth grabbing - yes, this Janus is alive again, and celebrating it.

Then again, he's eying that dusty couch in the corner like he might just flop down on it any second... not that he'd be passing out, but you just might find yourself asked to join him.

With force.]
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