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[It happened with a flash, and just like always! One moment, she's in Sielje...and the very next, she's somewhere else! It's the handy-dandy teleport orb! Only, she still hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. Every time she thinks she has, she grows a bit too confident and ends up screwing up the next time.

Only...Lilka Eleniak, sister of the Eleniak Witch Girl, hadn't expected to end up in a place like this. She stands up and dusts herself off, looking around curiously.]

... ... ...

Oh, boy. It looks like I screwed up again! Hey! Where is everyone? ...Ashley, Brad, Kanon, and Tim were with me until just a second ago...o-oh no! What if I left them behind?! [She starts to look around frantically, calling their names and flailing a bit.]

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